Thursday, April 21, 2011

some color studies...

here are some color studies... for now. im planning on tweaking little bits. I also redrew my drawing, and did another value study! hopefully i find a winner somewhere


  1. the top right is my favorite!

  2. Miranda, this is coming nicely, and I suspect it's a bit of an creative exploration for you, no? Both color studies look promising and elegant so far. The concept is candy for the mind!

    I noted a few compositional weaknesses that you could easily fixed and made some diagrams (click on the link) to illustrate my points better. Here we go:

    . The heart is slightly off centered (first diagram), whereas it seems you'd want it to be clearly centered since it's the heart of this image (haha! I had to squeeze in that pun!) ;-D Ok, that was a lousy pun… :-S

    . The pipes in the top right corner frame and close the space, thereby suggesting there are no more pipes extending past that corner (whereas on the left, because they're cropped, the viewer gets the impression that the pipes extends far beyond). I'd suggest cropping the top-right pipes to preserve the illusion that we're facing a larger structure.

    . The poses of the two humans at the bottom, especially their arms, create a square (2nd diagram). Not sure you want this… That "neat" alignment removes some of the organic quality of humans (makes them look more like mannequins or statues).

    . Two areas have minor visual interest: the top-right area and the bottom-left area (2nd diagram). They don't need much, but try adding just a bit more to give them a bit more interest.

    . We have near tangents, creating tension, between the two left figures and the edge and the bottom-right figure and the right edge (2nd diagram).

    . The very attractive ground surface ends, on the right half, more or less in a straight horizontal line, which take away some of its organic nature. Consider adding more curves, bumps, crevasses, or whatever so that the overall horizon edge isn't flat on that section.

    As far as the color studies, I don't have a strong favorite. In the 2nd (top-right) version, I find the black figures "harsh"-looking since everything else is so colorful, so I would tone them to pull back some of that harshness. Same with the pipes. Not quite black, nor gray, but some desaturated dark hue. What I like about the 3rd version (bottom left) is that the heart is most visible (very strong color and saturation contrast, which version 2 doesn't have to such a degree, because the values with the neighboring shapes are similar there).

    Concerning my perception of the moods between those two versions, I'd say the top right (2nd version) is a bit moodier, slightly hurt or brooding, whereas the 3rd version (bottom left) is more hopeful, embracing, full of life, honesty, and bluntness than the 2nd version. So it pick whichever represents what you want us, viewers, to feel.

    This is very promising and intriguing, Miranda, and congrats on trying something this fresh and bold!

    Go for it!