Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some of my work. enjoy :)

my shoes.a floral design in acrylic. 2011.
a drawing of my keys. done in prisma colored pencil. 2010.

a drawing done in graphite from a picture i took at the spectrum. 2010.

my sister's cat, kishka. done in graphite. 2010.
a drawing of my favorite pair of purple vans. graphite. 2010.
a collage painting of downtown fullerton. oil on canvas. 2010


  1. You've got a very strong portfolio. I recognise the Merry Go Round and the Collage of Fullerton, being in the windows. Those shoes are a delight, too! Nice choice of colour; your shapes are awesome, too.

  2. Nice work! There's so much expression & emotion that come through, very pleasant to look at.

  3. I'm not a shoe person, but those are WAY cool! And the painting at the bottom of the post is impressive!!

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